Arts council funded one to one sessions with internationally renowned musicians.
If you are interested in applying for the free one to one sessions as part of the IMOWI project download the form.

Teaching for Jesse is a natural desire to help others on the path to musical knowledge expressiveness.

Whether in a school classroom, festival workshop or University Hall, Jesse’s approach is to give music in an open-hearted and pure way.

“This way of learning taught me about the soul and joy of sharing music.”


This was a project for Musicport Festival. With 3 other music leaders and 4 student musicians, they created 20 minutes of Indian Inspired vocal, rhythmic and instrumental music to open the 2010 festival.

After 25 years teaching Jesse set up a group called IMOWI. This group is a platform for Indian Music On Western Instruments.

The unique aspect of IMOWI is its revolutionary approach to playing Indian music on non-Indian instruments, exploring and activating Western musicians’ transferable skills. The aim of the group is to promote Indian music in the West through regular activity with guidance from skilled practitioners.

“It’s my life mission to share my approach to Indian music to a younger student. Our musical education needs to have ways of giving freedom to the spirit and will of the future musician”

We have conducted 4 summer Schools, 3 years of classes and 12 concerts.
I have taught over 1000 students at a high level to play Indian Music on a western Instrument.

Students include:
Roller Trio, Giuliano Modarelli, Dave Kane, Maria Jardardottir, Eddie Hick and the Submotion Orchestra.

Indian Music on Western Instruments

Some of my knowledge has been shared on video tutorials too

Jesse’s teaching led him to create learning tools for Indian Music

The first was in collaboration with Leeds College of Music, Bhupinder Chaggar and Mosquito Digital. They created a 480 audio loop, band in your hand music learning app called Groove India.

The second was a bit of fun, and is used to bring all people closer to understanding raga.
Jesse commissioned artist Dillusional to create original drawings for his Raga Cards, during the Play Out 2014 tour.

You can buy these from the shop.

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