Highlights include Composing for The Halle Orchestra, 2012 Cultural Olympiad, Indian Orchestras Samyo and Tarang and for the app Groove India::

All of Jesse’s Composition work has involved sharing a creative space with many other stage performers and production managers.

This ability to work well with other artists and crew has allowed Jesse to produce a catalogue of creative musical works to a high level and in different mediums.

Halle Orchestra – Freedom of the Soul

As part of collaboration with Bridgewater Hall Jesse was co-commissioned to write a 25-minute Composition for The Halle Orchestra and Indian Musicians.

The piece was a response to Stravinsky’s The Firebird.

“Bhupinder and I drew upon the theme of a being rising from the flames. Inspired by Sufi musician Hazrat Inayat Khan’s book The Mysticism of Sound and Music, Freedom of the Soul, aims to search out the dark side of the soul and to burn to the ground all the destructive intentions and create a divine and beautiful space through the resonance of sound

The instrumentation was Orchestra with Saxophone, Tabla, Sitar, Santoor, Indian Voice, Clàrsach and Accordian.

“The virtuosic skills of Jesse Bannister in particular were entirely praiseworthy. The Halle Orchestra were in awe of these skills”

Sir Mark Elder, Halle Orchestra


Synchronised is a swimming pool extravaganza, featuring Olympic Synchronised Swimmers, Contemporary and Indian Dancers, a 25 piece music ensemble and 40 piece Choir.

Balbir Singh Dance Company, NPO and Royal Opera House partner commissioned this composition.

The commission was inspired by traditional water themes from India. Telling the story of Music deity Saraswati, the playful Krishna and the technical themes of AquaKhatak.

The approach to composing was very hands on, working side by side with Balbir Singh. The inspirations of Khatak bols, water sound themes and Hollywood and Bollywood choreography gave the musicians the freedom to enjoy the swimming pool as a performance area, giving the shows a magical sound and visual atmosphere.

We went on to tour this show in 2014 and 2015 including a partnership with Alchemy Festival and Voicelab.

Other composition projects have included

Shiraz Film Score

1928 silent movie by Franz Osten

Derby Playhouse

Score for 3 week long running “My Dad’s Corner Shop” theatre Production.


Commission for the UK’s first 20-piece Indian Classical Youth Orchestra

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