In Tune

Jesse Bannister’s In Tune is an immersive listening experience on re-tuned piano drawing from Indian classical rāga, minimalism and Impressionist piano music. Each track is a musical journey to a particular state of consciousness, inviting you to grow, bloom and expand through sound.

Inner Cleaning to Self-Growth

From music for inner cleansing to self-growth, the intimate works of In Tune re imagine sound, silence and the resonating space in between, on a re-tuned piano set to the Indian classical shruti tuning system. For centuries, the resonance of shruti have been known to heal and spark meditative states, returning human cells to their natural frequency and restoring harmony back to the body.

Introspective Piano Pieces

Inspired by this powerful concept, Jesse writes and performs a series of introspective piano pieces that shift through diverse colours and textures, from rāga to the sound worlds of Erik Satie and Arvo Pärt, to instill a tuning of mind and body.

New single – Grandma’s Hands

Jesse’s new single Grandma’s Hands was inspired by Jesse’s and Nandini Shankar’s Indian heritage and their south Indian Grandmas. All proceeds from the single will go to Khalsa Aid.

About Jesse Bannister

From a mixed-race background of Indian and white British heritage, Jesse is a world-renowned Indian classical saxophonist and sought-after composer, who has written for the Hallé Orchestra, Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and City of London Sinfonia and has collaborated with such lights as Talvin Singh, Deepak Pandit, Bickram Ghosh, Padma Shri Aruna Sairam and Adnan Joubran. In Tune brings together his various creative outputs in Indian classical music and classical composition, alongside his personal background in sound healing.

Buy Jesse’s new album In Tune which is out now on Band Camp.